About Building with Nature

Building with Nature (BwN) is a design philosophy in which natural processes deliver a number of benefits such as protection against flooding and coastal erosion, and opportunities for nature and recreation.

The overall aim of the project is to make coasts, estuaries and catchments of the North Sea Region (NSR) more resilient to climate change by both applying and learning from the implementation of BwN measures.

BwN-based solutions will be demonstrated at twelve coastal target sites in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Sweden and at seven catchment scale sites in Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden and Scotland.



Every country bordering the North Sea is different, however, there are challenges that can be recognized by all of them. The partners in this project have identified challenges to implementing BwN solutions in the North Sea Region – barriers that hamper the wider adoption of these solutions.

Case studies

Learn more about the case studies via the interactive project map or via the general page.

Building with Nature Interactive Project map